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Kiosk & Lockdown Mode

Effortlessly transform off the shelf devices into sole-purposed devices. Kiosk mode enables a device to run the application without any user interface such as toolbars and menus and is offered by browser applications like Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Kiosk Mode suppresses all other define functionality to the background and brings your application, software, content and functionality front facing on the device.

Kiosk Mode locks down your devices, enabling only the work-related apps which are required for your business. In Kiosk mode, mobile devices like tablets or smartphones can also be turned to POS (Point Of Sales) devices, digital signage, or as ‘kiosks’ to showcase the company’s products or services.

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Remote & Hands-Free Configuration

Configuring devices for an enterprise can be a lot of effort for little gain, as IT Administrators don’t always have the tools they need. The Ensemble MDM empowers corporations to quickly and remotely configure devices, so they can focus on what they do best.

Configure devices without unboxing. Remotely configure a large number of devices seamlessly during initial device set up and tailor them to specific needs with Ensemble MDM cloud-based management dashboard. Create profiles with device settings, restrictions, apps, and other content. Enrolled devices will automatically receive configuration profiles OTA via Wi-Fi and mobile data.

Administrators can also change a wide range of device settings at a granular level such as connectivity settings, updates, feature restrictions, and enterprise services to take full control of corporate-liable devices.

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Mobile Application Management

Mobile Application Management provides complete control at the application level that enables administrators to manage and secure app data. MAM differs from Mobile Device Management (MDM), which focuses on controlling the entire device and requires that users enroll their device and install a service agent.

While some Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) suites include a MAM function, their capabilities may be limited in comparison to stand-alone MAM solutions. EMM suites require a device management profile in order to enable app management capabilities.

The Ensemble Mobility Management (EMM) platform is equipped to manage tens of thousands of devices simultaneously. Ensemble also gives administrators the ability to create a corporate application catalog to distribute apps at scale with larger deployments, supporting user grouds through active directory. Ensemble drastically improves management and provides a better user experience.

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Technical & Engineering Support

Manually configuring, deploying and managing devices at any scale is demanding on your administrator’s time and resources. You need an army behind you to help alleviate the burden that management puts on your team.

Built by the industry leader in all things EMM, the Ensemble MDM ensures you are able to harness the power of the most robust, adaptive and scalable platform available. Built on decades of experience in Mobile Device Management the Conversa team of engineers are here to help support your business.

While the platform is very easy to use, we understand every business has unique needs that demand you bring in a specialist to help you along the way. Our trained team of industry experts can supplement your efforts from a few hours to a large block of time. Exceeding your expectation is our standard, and our team is ready to help you execute on your vision for your EMM strategy.

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Mobile Device Customization

No two business are the same, even within the same industry there can be many differentiating factors that mean different demands on your overall EMM deployment strategy. Having the ability to quickly and efficiently customize a large range of mobile devices is a necessity in today’s world.

With the click of a button, you can seamlessly customize the mobile devices that make your business run. From updating an application to restricting access and anything in between, the Ensemble MDM brings harmony to the chaos of managing those devices.

Your business changes at a rapid pace, you need a platform that mirrors your ability to adapt quickly to those changes. Having the efficiency not just to scale but to quickly implement changes can transform how you are able to do business and deliver on your commitments.

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Management Dashboard

Being able to deploy multiple customized devices is one challenge, managing and having real-time reporting available anywhere anytime is another. Our Management Dashboard gives you the ability to track, analyze and remedy issues quickly and with minimal effort.

We designed the dashboard with you in mind, so we know you need to concentrate on how your EMM can transform your team’s ability to get work done and not figuring out how to use a dashboard. The Ensemble MDM integrates, provisions, manages and controls Android devices with all of their content seamlessly. Our user-friendly, yet robust, Management Dashboard delivers exactly what you need while making it easy to use for even the most non-technical operator in your organization.

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